April 30, 2009

Confirmation code

So yes, saying to the child where is the flower and is it real is
quite legitmate and most of All Pragmatic_. And that is what we have in

GuattarianDeleuzian machine making. A practicality.

as we describe our art as a Pragmanticism programme. Blogs are machines to click and whine across the suns of the virtual



And what is good, Phædrus,
And what is not good...
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?



April 29, 2009

Being there

The one-way boarding pass in my hand is getting tattered around the edges. I do this - inadvertently, nervously - agitate paper items with my fingers: napkins, coasters, beer bottle labels. Better put it back into my pocket or they won't let me on the plane.

The last twenty-four hours are a blur, I can barely feel myself sitting here.....let alone think; headphones around my neck, iPod silent. If the clouds in my head weren't so thick I might wonder if last night's interchange really occured. Did you really say that? Is it true?

Stop. My thoughts are long shards, a broken mirror. No point in trying to piece everything together right now. At least wait until we're face-to-face. Be still, and wait.....I've looked up at the flight info seven times.

7719. On time. Still.

After a bleary-eyed eternity in the U.S. Airways terminal, I'm walking through the jetway. For the first time since yesterday an unforced grin smears across my face as I shake my head slowly. Delirious, I recall the last words.

"I'll be there tomorrow."

April 26, 2009

Special extradition

L E D ⋅ Z E P P E L I N
Both of those Physical Graffiti discs have been like medicine recently. The crackly fourth-press vinyl version in Grand Rapids was solid, too.

physical graffiti
Harvey Keitel's character from Taxi Driver would fit right in this album cover, loitering on the stoop. Hey, Paul Schrader.
Less than a year ago I hoped that Wilco would come back to Delaware. Last Friday I purchased a ticket to see them play Frawley Stadium in July. This venue excites me, I think it's funny that real bands (like Night Ranger) play there.

wilco world

*Three shows later Wilco appears at the Maine State Pier in Portland.....hmm..

April 23, 2009

This way.....

You built a prison for yourself and called it The Way Things Could Be.

The Way Things Are made you free.

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April 21, 2009

Open door

open door

April 20, 2009

Welcome to


mission statement:

free your heart from hatred
free your mind from worry
live diligently
expect less
give more