July 30, 2009

Apprehension [armistice]

Ok, I had concerns. Like Arrested Development: The Movie, I was beginning to wonder if this album was ever going to happen. The initial release date came and went, months passed, reports had MuteMath in discord - scrapping all progress, at the brink of collapse. They eked out a brief EP that didn't reveal much. Also, there's this personal psychological factor, apprehension about a mediocre second effort undermining or deflating my appreciation for the first album and the band's outlook (see: Sam's Town).

mute math mobile

Fears allayed. Armistice packs a progressive punch - all that could be hoped for in the next MuteMath album. Well worth the worry and the wait; everything grows, contributes, high-engergy, full sound. Live should be awesome.

July 29, 2009

Crunchy cold

It's like the Amazon out there. 87º in Wilmington, sticky humidity feels like 97º. Time for a five-second break, off to the frosty mountains of northern Italy.

video by dvd

July 28, 2009


The MuteMath mobile-listening bus will be parked near Philadelphia tomorrow. I'll be aboard partying, hearing the new album, and collecting the merch.

July 27, 2009

Building blocks

I covered my mother's shift in the church nursery yesterday. There were no kids to look after, which was nice, as it allowed me to construct building-block follies unhindered by the little pests. For most children, it seems, the primary joy to be derived from wooden block structures is in their destruction rather than assembly. It's a persistent appetite to which I'm empathetic.

I love the feeling when it falls apart. See also: The Destructors.

July 24, 2009

Lunch time

Fresh Thymes Cafe
Lincoln & Lovering
Fresh, local, organic ingredients. Sandwich & soup.

Trolley Square (back)
Sliced-to-order hoagie sandwiches and cheesesteaks.

Angelo's Luncheonette
North Scott & Gilpin
Egg & scrapple sandwich, Italian sausage sandwich.

Jeenwong's Thai Cuisine
Riverfront Market
Red & green curry specials, best eggrolls in town.

25 JULY 2009

My folks stopped by the Fresh Thymes Cafe for lunch, I requested a take-away bowl of the elusive cold gazpacho, if available. They scored big time, a "sunshine" variety with chunks of local peaches offset by cilantro and other herbs. It was even wrapped in a personalized bag (Hi Pete!). Delicious.

Rock 'sters

rock lobster

July 23, 2009

Concept sketch

driveway planting

Improvement concept for driveway/front yard. To be built & planted by the time MuteMath plays Philadelphia. Note the use of Google Street view.

driveway planting 2

July 21, 2009

Pier review

Click the imgage below to view a photo set from the Maine State Pier concert, courtesy of Flickr user Jon Donnell. The shot of the little kid holding a sign reading "I WANNA HEAR THE WALKEN ONE!" is classic.

Wilco @ the Maine State Pier, 7/17/09FIGHTIN'S
Thanks to Jeff R. for claiming his company's seats to the game last night. He, myself, and superfan Davy C. rolled up to Citizens Park to see the Phillies beat the Cubs (10-1) for their ninth consecutive win. Section 125, a few rows behind.....Jack Nicholson? I was getting a beer when this happened. Phils lead their closest division opponent by 6.5 games.

July 20, 2009

Peaks is.

Sunspot Baby

I neglected to bring the camera along for the trip to Peaks Island.....this is the only photo, taken with my phone crossing the bridge on the way out of Maine.

In less than a thousand words, picture: patches of sun through rolling fog, lobsters on the rocks, abundant food and wine, beach bonfire blazing at sunset, Spar Cove basking, portable iPod speakers blasting, sushi for seven at Benkay, Wilco exploding the Maine State Pier - "The Late Greats" encore - dancing on the top deck as the ferry pulls away from the crowd, catching lunch(ish), cocktails and hors d'œuvres with neighbors, quick swim before departure. Four-day weekend.

July 13, 2009

Summer time

Summer begins with the first dip in Spar Cove.....rocking outdoor concert at local ballpark backs it up, late night rally seals deal; it's a summertime thing.

...Wilco Wilmington 2009...WILCO SETLIST:
Wilco (The Song)
Muzzle Of Bees
A Shot In The Arm
Bull Black Nova
You Are My Face
One Wing
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Handshake Drugs
Impossible Germany
Jesus, Etc.
Sonny Feeling
Can't Stand It
Hate It Here
You Never Know
I'm The Man Who Loves You

Spiders (Kidsmoke)

Box Full Of Letters
Heavy Metal Drummer
I'm Always In Love
Hoodoo Voodoo

Mmm, mmm, mmmmm that's good Friday Night. Cheers to Davy, Erin and Joe for battling up I-95 from D.C. for the show, and to Chris and Pete for being there undoubtedly. To the weather for being perfect. To the band for putting Wilmington on the schedule and playing a great set. Double upcoming cheers for Wilco being in Portland July 17th, jamming on the Maine State Pier.

On Saturday the Phillies found themselves four runs behind the Pirates going to the bottom of the ninth. With the added impetus of Joe Biden's glib presence behind homeplate, the club assembled a huge offensive push. Matt Stairs led off with a solo shot, narrowing the defecit to three runs. Rollins walked, Victorino sent a long fly to the track for the first out, then Utley singled bringing the tying run to the plate.....Ryan Howard, who cleared the bases with a 420-foot blast. Raul Ibanez, back from a month on the disabled list, smacked a double on the next pitch and backup catcher Paul Bako knocked in the walk-off run to complete the legendary comeback. The World Champs lead their division by four games at the All-Star break.

July 10, 2009

Five hundred years

The title character in Paul's Case (Willa Cather, 1905) grew up sleeping in a bed adorned with portraits of George Washington and John Calvin - how sexy. I first read this short story in a literature class at Calvin College.

Today is the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth. Going to see Wilco tonight, I hope they commemorate by playing "Theologians".....they don't know nothing about my soul.

Our love is all of God's money
I often wonder what historical people whose names bear an ism would think if they could glimpse the world, say, five hundred years after their time (i.e. - John Calvin's take on contemporary Calvinism). I find it amusing, sometimes frightening, to consider the possible reactions.

"Wait, wait, wait. That's not at all what I was trying to say."

"Yeah, we used to think a lot of things back then."

"You didn't take all that seriously, did you?"

".....and you call it Christianity? Yikes."

July 9, 2009

Vote Victorino

Shane! Speed we can believe in.
I've felt more populist concern for voting Shane Victorino into the final slot on the National League All-Star team this year than I did for last year's presidential race. He's playing with genuine enthusiasm, and the NL has a better shot at home field advantage in the World Series* with the Flyin' Hawaiian on the squad.

1 0 . J U L Y . 2 0 0 9
Democracy! Victorino won the final vote while contributing to another Philly victory last night. Two runs-batted-in, upped his average to .309, and will likely start in center field for the National League.

*Hmmm, this rule is a bummer. The All-Star game should be an exhibition of the best skills in baseball concentrated onto one field for one night only. The benefits of this are too intangible, apparently, to inspire incentive or motivation from modern egotist atheletes (and region-centric fans). What's at stake? Why do we support/watch/play baseball in the first place? Also, let's ditch the designated hitter, AL - what is this, Russia? That's right, I just called you a communist.

July 1, 2009

The ticket

Discovered my Wilco ticket behind the storm door at the front entrance to the house yesterday. It was sitting there for a week, glad to finally have it in hand. On the horizon:

Labor Day weekend, 2009. Heading up to Boston again to catch some playoff golf, third sequential year. Ticket's in the mail, jawohl!

Anthony Kim in a sandtrap at last year's Deutsche Bank MUTEMATH FALL TOUR
The band is still together and will be touring to promote their overdue followup album, Armistice. They released an EP a few months ago with different versions of the single "Spotlight." Hoping the bulk of the new album is closer in spirit to the SON LUX remix than the standard issue (which shows up in the Twilight soundtrack). Regardless, I will be attending a concert; MuteMath is a must-see live performance.