April 20, 2011

January 27, 2011



clad with radiance
the garden sleeps quietly
all winter to dream

October 28, 2010

Domaine Hudson

Last night the family enjoyed a delicious vegetarian dinner, served with a sip of Gilbert Cellars Allobroges (Yakima, WA). This fine meal was promptly followed by second [carnivorous] dinner at Domaine Hudson in Wilmington. Dynamite charcuterie platter with tasty Code Noir merlot (Rattlesnake Hills, WA).

The allobroges was return luggage from a trip to Washington earlier this year. They make good merlot - which suffers a bad reputation, apparently. One winery owner refused to not serve it. "What, you don't want to taste my merlot?"

October 26, 2010

Mmmm, pie

Butternut squash and apple pie

October 18, 2010

New York City

Abigail and I spent the day yesterday in New York City. Drove to Princeton Junction and took the train to Penn Station [33rd/8th Ave]. The weather was perfect for a walk up 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center past the ice rink. We continued to the southern entrance of Central Park then reversed towards brunch.

"Bar Americain" by don't fence me in

Bar Americain [52nd/6-7th Ave] is Bobby Flay's restaurant, and despite some online reviewers grumbling about celebrity chef eateries I was excited to check it out. We were seated immediately in a mostly full dining room situated at street level. The first course was a trio of cold seafood cocktails including shrimp with cilantro-lime-purée!, lobster with avocado, and crab with mango and coconut. There was too much black pepper on the crab cocktail, otherwise everything was delicious.

Next came an order of frites with chipotle mayo and a couple of cocktails. Abigail had a Pimm's #1 with fresh lemonade and cucumber, I had a bloody mary. Both were as delicious as they were small and overpriced. I moved on to an Arcadia Rye Pale Ale (Battle Creek, MI) for the next course: poached eggs with charred tasso ham and spicy hollandaise. Top eggs benedict, and the potent sauce paired well with the crisp hoppy beer. Pocketed a mini-baguette and a few boxes of matches as we exited for the MoMA [53rd/5-6th Ave] to be inundated with the nihilistic screams of the contemporary art scene, an extensive abstract expressionism review, and a glance through the 20th-century ward.

After being ushered out of the museum we walked back to Penn Station, checked on the next Northeast Corridor train and popped across the street to Tir Na Nog for a Guinness before the return trip.

"Creativity and Imagination Shall be the Stability of Thy Time"
The LEGO Store appropriation of this, above the gate to 30 Rock

October 15, 2010


red sky at night
Photo: DVD
The New Big Red Machine takes on San Francisco tomorrow night. Roy Halladay threw a nearly perfect no-hitter in his previous start for the Phillies and Giants ace Tim Lincecum struck out fourteen in his last appearance. Meanwhile, former Philly pitcher Cliff Lee has brought the Texas Rangers to their first American League Championship Series to face the Evil Empire. Crunchy October action.

Doc versus the Freak again tonight. Philadelphia is behind 3-1 to San Francisco in a series that has seen the team looking listless. Even last night, when they managed (finally) to score some runs, the mood was notably somber. When Jayson Werth followed Ryan Howard's double with one of his own to tie the game in the top of the eighth there was hardly a reaction. It didn't seem like they were planning on winning the game. That's been the feel for the last couple.

A victory tonight will bring the Phillies back to Citizens Bank Park, back to the fans, and maybe back to themselves.

October 13, 2010


Thirty-three miners, trapped for more than two months two thousand feet underground, and a twenty-eight-inch wide precision drilled ray of hope.

Photo: Hugo Infante
Our time on this earth is a gift, is it not?