June 29, 2009

Home alone [impostor redacted]

I have the house to myself for two weeks. This happens occasionally, during the summer, when I'm living at home. It'll be a confrontational time, facing myself and some fanciful contrivances.

One. Freedom. Remember Lord of the Flies? I'm an infant, and, despite my frequent disdain for the sometimes infantile demeanor of larger society, am largely incapable of operating a fruitful civilization of even one. Autonomy is me least free.

Two. Friends. Remember disdain for larger society? The usual story: repressed, self-involved, neurotic, skittish and irate. Lots of closed doors. This has not prevented me from imagining that I have friends, or could have friends. The fact is that I hate everyone, including you and me. Party over here!

Three. Family. Major component to the intricate blend of cognitive dissonance that is my life. I am often frustrated by the inanity of daily routine at home. Or resentful when my own impish desires conflict with familiar expectations. Capable of vicious abandon during imbroglios with unwavering ego at stake. Being home alone sheds a stark light on the source of my projections for frustration and failure.
C'est moi.

. . . . .
One hundred years of solitude and ninety-nine new year's resolutions.