November 23, 2009

Gran Torino

Gran Torino

This is a great film. I finally watched it tonight, been almost a year since Gran Torino first hit theaters. I fail to recall seeing any movies that were actually released this year, so I'm going to stretch the rules and call Gran Torino the best of 2009 (especially since it was completely overlooked by the 2008 Academy Awards).

The movie is not about racism, or prejudice, or gangs. I don't think it was about redemption, or breaking old habits. It wasn't about the car. Ultimately, the story is about letting go.

Clint Eastwood plays an embattled, aging, widower veteran - still at war with the world and himself. He's crotchety and bitter, even as he protectively lashes out against injustice in a Detroit neighborhood burdened by crime and intimidation.

Resentment, guilt, pain, fear, desperation, helplessness, vengeful rage, and finally sacrifice. Eastwood's acting carries the film, the pace was a little slow, intentionally, I believe. The direction, cinematography, and editing were top quality - executed with craft and care.


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