June 27, 2010

Banksy film

Up to Philadelphia last night to catch the Banksy movie, focusing on the commercialization of guerilla street art, with cousin Lilly before it exited theaters. Fascinating documentary, ripe with life and farce. A little too much farce, in fact, to take it all at face value. I'm certain there is a large element of hoax imbedded in this film, even if I'm not certain to what extent, exactly.

One interviewee, a purported member of Banksy's inner circle, said it best:
"The joke's on.....
I'm not sure who the joke's on. I'm not sure there is a joke."

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  1. I had somehow gone the past 10 or 20 or however long Banksy has been around without hearing of him, until seeing this onion article about him:


    I've read up on him since. His message sometimes seems to have a middle-school-angst naivete to it, but it's still fascinating and impressive.