June 24, 2010

Free bird

It's my favorite time of year for golf. The sun stays up late, and the attendant at Clayton Park usually leaves the course unguarded by 7:00PM.

I pay my fees there frequently enough to feel great about occassionally walking on after hours for a few complimentary holes. Carrying only an iron, a pitching wedge, and a putter makes things go a little quicker, and playing just three clubs has a remarkable clarifying effect on my golf game. I never hit that five iron so well as when it's the only option for shots of 120+ yards.

Yesterday I striped whitie about 175 yards off the first tee, drawing the ball a bit at the steeply uphill green. This set up a good look at the flag with the 50° wedge.....knocked it eight feet from the cup.....drained the putt. Free birdie.

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