July 9, 2009

Vote Victorino

Shane! Speed we can believe in.
I've felt more populist concern for voting Shane Victorino into the final slot on the National League All-Star team this year than I did for last year's presidential race. He's playing with genuine enthusiasm, and the NL has a better shot at home field advantage in the World Series* with the Flyin' Hawaiian on the squad.

1 0 . J U L Y . 2 0 0 9
Democracy! Victorino won the final vote while contributing to another Philly victory last night. Two runs-batted-in, upped his average to .309, and will likely start in center field for the National League.

*Hmmm, this rule is a bummer. The All-Star game should be an exhibition of the best skills in baseball concentrated onto one field for one night only. The benefits of this are too intangible, apparently, to inspire incentive or motivation from modern egotist atheletes (and region-centric fans). What's at stake? Why do we support/watch/play baseball in the first place? Also, let's ditch the designated hitter, AL - what is this, Russia? That's right, I just called you a communist.

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