July 21, 2009

Pier review

Click the imgage below to view a photo set from the Maine State Pier concert, courtesy of Flickr user Jon Donnell. The shot of the little kid holding a sign reading "I WANNA HEAR THE WALKEN ONE!" is classic.

Wilco @ the Maine State Pier, 7/17/09FIGHTIN'S
Thanks to Jeff R. for claiming his company's seats to the game last night. He, myself, and superfan Davy C. rolled up to Citizens Park to see the Phillies beat the Cubs (10-1) for their ninth consecutive win. Section 125, a few rows behind.....Jack Nicholson? I was getting a beer when this happened. Phils lead their closest division opponent by 6.5 games.


  1. This comment is a few posts late but...

    Did Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band play at that Wilco concert you saw a couple weeks ago? And if so how were they?

  2. they opened both shows, i thought they were good: big sound.

    i was never a big "bright eyes" fan, thought conor oberst to be precocious beyond the pale.....but they played well live, quite rocking.