March 29, 2010

Smuttynose 'Finestkind' IPA

Brewed in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Smuttynose's 'Finestkind' India Pale Ale is a strong start for this series of beer reviews.

I sampled from bottles dated for best consumption by August this year; I figured it was a pretty fresh batch. It's unfiltered, so there were quite a few yeast floaties. The label on the neck reassured the drinker that yes, all those little flecks are supposed to be there.

It poured a hazy bright copper color with a thick frothy head that stuck around and left laces of foam down the side of the glass with each sip. The carbonation was fine (dense and creamy, not big and raspy). The smell all citrus zest/rind and hops. The taste, especially afterward, was quite bitter - big hops with a lot of grapefruit flavor. The maltiness of the beer was not as much a flavor factor as it was a balance to the resinous character of the hops.

This beer looked great in the glass, I love that hazy golden-orange color with a frothy white cap of head. Taste was dead-on for a finely crafted American IPA, left me wanting more.

smuttynose finest kind
Smuttynose 'Finestkind' IPA
Price paid: $8.99/six pack
Freshness: Very good
ABV: 6.9%

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