March 31, 2010

Stone India Pale Ale

Ahh, Stone Brewery. Located in Escondido, California, a staple of American craft beer. Their offerings have been described as "brash and unbalanced," which is probably accurate. I like what I've tried. Today, their entry-level IPA.

Pours a clear deep golden color with a sticky 'rocky' head that dissipates a bit. Aroma is bitter citrus hops with a grassy, almost musty tinge. This beer is not as bitter as Stone's 'Ruination IPA' but it does have a pretty big kick to the palate. I would describe this as a very dry beer, which I like. Excellent all-around IPA.

stone ipa
Stone India Pale Ale
Price paid: $11.99/six pack
Freshness: Fair
ABV: 6.9%


  1. Stone's pricey. Incidentally, I'm wearing my t shirt today.

  2. No doubt pricey. I've paid more for sixers of Stone, trying to factor value into the rankings. Tomorrow, a beer from Ashland, Oregon.