March 30, 2010

Tröegs 'Nugget Nectar'

Tröegs is brewed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, making it one of the more local selections in this series. The first time I tried a beer from them was at a Phillies game.

'Nugget Nectar' is described as an Imperial Amber. The term "Imperial" refers to higher alcohol content (7.5% in this case - at the lower end of the imperial spectrum). The bottle cites "93ish IBU's" or International Bitteress Units. It's certainly a bitter beer, but the syrupy sweet of amber maltiness makes it extaordinarily balanced and drinkable.

I think this may be a spring seasonal from Tröegs, all that I've sampled recenty has been bottled withing the past couple months. Pours a deep clear amber color, with a nice sticky cap of off-white head. The logo on the bottle (a giant hop bud being squeezed of its delicious resin) is very indicative of the taste: stick to your teeth hoppiness. It's like a big-hop IPA with toffee-malt backing, very tasty.

nugget nectar SM
Tröegs 'Nugget Nectar'
Price paid: $8.99/six pack
Freshness: Very good
ABV: 7.5%

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