April 9, 2010

Arrogant Bastard

This is Stone Brewing's signature beer, an American strong ale with a bad attitude. The bottle (dig the painted glass) is adorned with an eye-roll worthy littany of how great the beer is and how lowly and unworthy everything else is. Meh. The first time I sampled this beer was at the brewery in Escondido, a draft that was naturally superior to any of the Arrogant Bastard I've had since.

From a bottle of dwindling freshness, pours dark red with a thin lingering off-white head. Smell is caramel/cherry/cardboard, faint hops. Taste was plenty of hops, some malt wtih a sharp and somewhat metallic overtone. I think this bottle was a bit past prime, but still an impressive beer.

arrogant bastard
Stone Arrogant Bastard
Price paid: $5.99/24 oz. bottle
Freshness: Not great
ABV: 7.2%

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