April 26, 2010

Guest list

Two comp tickets ($0.00) waiting at Electric Factory will-call on Friday. The first warm-up band was dreadful, second was a bit better, MuteMath rocked.

The Nerve
The Fight
Break the Same

Another great gig, even if the sound was not as good as it's been at other shows. The culminating jam at the end of "Break the Same" was awesome as always. Walked by 30 Seconds to Mars getting out of their bus as we were returning to the car after MuteMath was done - I think I saw Jared Leto hugging his mommy before the show.

Had dinner at Silk City Diner prior to the concert, featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The meal was pretty good, and they had Two Hearted Ale on tap - bonus.

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