April 7, 2010

Victory 'Hop Wallop'

Here's another localish brew by Victory in Downingtown, PA. Their standard IPA (Hop Devil) has all the typical characteristics: deep amber color, resinous hop flavor, bitterness and maltiness. Hop Wallop is considered a Double-IPA (8.5% ABV), but it's a whole other creature.

Pours a slightly hazy bright gold color in my new Delerium Tremens tulip glass, with a foamy not-rocky white head. The aroma is dry and slightly bready. The taste is toasty and bitter, the hop flavor comes across with a piney waft, not a lot of citrus. The feel is initially creamy, a bit of a spicy edge at finish from the alcohol. So that's dry, bready, bitter, piney, spicy - excellent big beer that's very easy to drink.

hop wallop web
Victory 'Hop Wallop'
Price paid: $9.99/Six pack
Freshness: Very good
ABV: 8.5%

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